Let It Unfold

Life has a funny way of unfolding. We plan, we dream, we build and we climb; but we all still have life to contend with. Not all days are equal; clearly we cannot measure a regular old  work day with a wedding day, birth of a child, death of a loved one,etc.
I’ve never been much of a dreamer,an optimistic pessimist; what on earth is that? I’m also rather impatient.
Perhaps that’s the key to my lack of dreams. Ugh…work harder and faster and MAKE it unfold. Force it. What can a little sweat and hard work not create? Surely it can fill in any gaps along this road.

The cynic in me fears dreams, he needs to leave and go bother someone else; I’m way too busy trying to learn how to dream.
Dreams feel like life brewing in a dark place, finding that one stream of light and going for it. Dreams put hope in our soul, faith in the face of the skeptic. 

I read about homesteading, hot tears threaten to wash over me. Wow! It’s beautiful. It’s life with a daily adventure. It breathes life into this punch the clock RN with dreams. It provides evidence that it’s more than a dream it’s tangible, reachable. Then I shake myself, “no perfect job, no perfect place, no perfect story”. But the dream!! 

My discovery is satisfaction with the process. The dream is that I’m alive with a life full of blessings right in front of me. To miss today while dreaming about the what ifs means missing out on life as it unfolds or perhaps unravels. To come to the end of a day and realize I was living for tomorrow and missed…what? I don’t know…I missed it. I lost out…

As life unfolds, there will be a day we’ll be robbed of something, not every day, most days are just life, but it will be our turn. A crisis. An event to mark and scar our own personal calendar. The process. The days  beautifully unfolding; one after another; perhaps bringing the dream a little closer. To live this. Leaving  yesterday’s failures and regrets behind. Forbidding them to steal one more day. Daring to dream yet allowing life’s days to unfold. 

  There’s the balance, the beauty; dreaming, living; knowing the only option truly is to let it unfold.